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Indie Pin Preview

Indie Pin

mapbox-gl, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Spotify API, oAuth2

Indie Pin is a way to promote independent artists around your area. Combines mapbox-gl, Spotify API and GeoJSON data to create an interactive heatmap of up and coming artists around the globe. Explore the world to discover new music. Login with Spotify to pin new artists to the map.

GIF Lyrics Screenshot

GIF Lyrics Generator

SCSS, JavaScript, Compromise, GIPHY

Natural Language Processing + GIFS + Song Lyrics = fun little web app

Start A Fire Screenshot

Start a đŸ”¥

Twilio, Node.js, React.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, JWT Auth, bcrypt

A platform to make social causes more personal through SMS notifications and resource sharing. This is a way for thought leaders to reach activists beyond traditional social media. Utilizes CRON jobs and Twilio API to queue and send text messages.

Ambient Music Quiz Screenshot

Ambient Music Quiz

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Single Page quiz app built as a part of the Thinkful Software Development Bootcamp.

Fractal Generator Screenshot

Fractal Generator

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, paper.js

Playing around with html canvas, paper.js library, css blend-modes and blob objects. Takes user input and converts into a repeating fractal pattern, with plenty of options to modify output. Screenshot

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Lo-fi landing page for fictional techno artist made during NYU Courant’s Web Development I class. Screenshot

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

One of my first projects, a minimalist art portfolio for D.C. based multimedia artist, Armin Kabiri

Heat.wav Screenshot

Heat.wav (Ongoing)

Node.js, Flutter

Heat.wav is a location based music discovery platform currently undergoing alpha testing on TestFlight. Beyond product management and strategy, my technical contributions include building onboarding pages in Flutter, web pages for edge cases and writing HTTP requests in Node.js.

Recombinators screenshot

WebFlow, JavaScript, Maps API

Landing page for Boutique Strategy Consulting firm, Recombinators built using WebFlow including a customized instance of Google Maps using Maps Javascript API